Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #121: Focus on the Subject

This is my first post for Lens-Artist challenges. I am very happy to join these group of people interested in photography. I chose “Focus on The Subject” topic for Lens-Artists challenge. This weekend i was in a village. The weather was foggy and i wanted to take some photos. Colors of these grapes in a garden caught my attention. I took this photo in Bursa / Turkey.

I want to add some information from wikipedia here. These grapes are called mavro. Mavro (Greek: μαύρο, meaning “black”) is an indigenous red grape which takes its name from its dark colour. The Italian ampelographer, Count Giuseppe di Rovasenda refers to it in 1877 as Cipro Nero (Cyprus black). An ancient variety, its suitability to the hot Cypriot climate has made it the dominant cultivated vine on the island. It accounts for 70% of cultivated vines.Of note is that Mavro continues to grow on ancient rootstock unlike most mainland European grapes that are grafted on North American rootstock. This is a consequence of Cyprus’ escape from the phylloxera epidemic that had devastated most other European vineyards, in the 19th century (Wikipedia.org).


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  1. Hi, Droldu. Welcome to the challenges! We’re delighted you are joining us this week. The rich, deep color of the grapes helps us focus on your subject. Thanks for the added information on this type of grape. I never heard of it before. Once again, welcome!


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